Our independent investment consultancy service provides an oversight and monitoring role to trustees, wealthy individuals, regulators and family offices.  This includes an in-depth review of existing investment portfolios, and an ongoing monitoring service to ensure that clients’ objectives are being met by their investment managers and financial advisers.  The early establishment of an investor’s risk profile is crucial to the process, in order to ensure that the level of anticipated return may be realistically achieved.  The structure of the agreed investment portfolio is critical to the realisation of a client’s objectives.  Areas identified during a review may include misunderstandings of objectives and risk profile, an over-reliance on in-house products, and high initial and ongoing charges which significantly reduce returns.  This services aims to ensure that portfolios are suitably invested and managed efficiently in a cost effective way.


Utilising 30 years’ of Zoë Cousens' investment experience, financial planning and portfolio analysis expertise, different types of investment are evaluated for suitability of inclusion in a client’s portfolio.  The aim is to help investors with their long term investment planning and the achievement of strategic objectives, as well as assisting with fee negotiation.


The provision of an assessment of investment portfolios from a regulatory perspective is also offered.


Investors’ focus has increasingly been on protecting private wealth and identifying where the risk lies.  It is vital to remember that circumstances naturally change over time so objectives should be regularly re-assessed to ensure ongoing suitability of the underlying investment strategy.  An independent expert who understands investment issues such as asset allocation and time horizons can help with this, and can also provide a degree of reassurance that clients can be confident that their wealth is securely held.

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